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PWR 1: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving:


Math Test
Math Test


This book is about When Bruno returns home from school one day, he discovers that his belongings are being packed in crates. His father has received a promotion and the family must move from their home to a new house far away, where there is no one to play with and nothing to do. A tall fence running alongside stretches as far as the eye can see and cuts him off from the strange people he can see in the distance. But Bruno longs to be an explorer and decides that there must be more to this desolate new place than meets the eye. While exploring his new environment, he meets another boy whose life and circumstances are very different from his own, and their meeting results in a friendship that has devastating consequences.
Final Project. ( Re- write how you would like the story to end.
 One morning when Bruno woke up, and ate his breakfast, and got ready Bruno decided that he would go on his adventure and see Schmel. Everyday Bruno would go on his little walk's to go see his friend Schmel. When Bruno finished getting ready he went in the kitchen in the closet, and was thinking of Schmel, and got him something to eat. Bruno wasn't really sure what he would want to eat. Bruno grabbed him all kinds of different thing's to eat, like bread, chocolate, and some chips. When Bruno packed the lunch for Schmel he left his walking to go see him. When Bruno finally got to the fence where he always Waite's for Schmel at, he took out the food that he brought for Schmel, and put it over the fence, for Schmel to eat. When Schmel got there he sat down against this long old pipe that was behind him. Schmel was chowing down like a pig on the food. Bruno knew that Schmel must not eat that much, because of how he would eat all the he brought him food, and because he was really skinny.When Bruno started talking to Schmel he asked him” how was your day today?” Schmel looked up at Bruno with a sad face, and had tear's in his eye, Schmel said,” my day is bad.” Bruno replied” why? what's wrong?” Schmel said” I woke up today and I was thinking about my dad. Bruno said” well what about him, I thought he is there at the camp with you?” Schmel replied” He is but I can't find him, I have looked for him everywhere.” Bruno said,” where do you think your dad is?” Schmel replied in an angry, but sad voice and said” I don't have any idea, it is to hard looking for him by myself.” Bruno replied in humor ”Oh.” Schmel looked at Bruno with a smile on his face, and said” could you help me find him, like come over here and look for him with me?” Bruno looked at him with a face with curious. Bruno said” but I can't you all where the same kind of pajamas, and I don't have any that look like that.” Schmel said” but I could bring you a pair that look's like it.” Bruno said” okay, I'll help you, but bring the right size of pajamas.” Schmel replied with such a happy and cheerful voice” thank you Bruno, your really my best friend, and I will bring you the right size pajamas. ”So after they were done talking about Bruno helping Schmel to find his dad, Bruno was thinking. He was thinking how would I get across the fence? Bruno asked Schmel, Scmel said” we can both use our hand's and dig, and you can crawl underneath the fence. Bruno said,” That’s a good idea.” So when they had there plan all figured out, they decided to do it the next day. Bruno shook Schmel's hand and said ”I'll see you tomorrow.” Bruno went home happy that he was going to help Schmel find his dad. When Bruno got home his mother asked, ”where have you been?” Bruno said, “I just went on a walk” Brunt's mother said “go wash up, and get ready for dinner.” Bruno said, “Yes mom.” When Bruno washed up for dinner he went up stairs to get his sister and tell her that dinner is ready. When his sister walked out of the room, he came down stairs with her. When Bruno sat down at the table with his family, and ate dinner his dad told him and his sister that they were moving back to where they live. Bruno was happy, and upset at the same time because he had many friends where he used to live, but he didn't want to leave Schell here all alone because Bruno was Schmel's only friend. Bruno thought to himself that he had to help Schmel find his father before he moved back to his old house, so that way he could be with him. After dinner Bruno got in his pajamas and went bed. When Bruno was laying down in his bed he was thinking to him self about the next day when he was going over to the camp to help Schmel find his father of how much trouble would he get in, if his father new that he was going over there to help a Jew, or if he got caught being over by the soldiers. Bruno didn't really care, and decided to go to bed.
The next morning when Bruno's mother woke him up to get ready for breakfast, Bruno’s mother told him “after breakfast he would have to start packing his thing's to get ready to move.” Bruno was worried that he wouldn't get to help Schmel. After Bruno was finished with breakfast he was running to the door to go out side so his mother wouldn't see him leaving, because he was supposed to be up stairs packing his things. Right when Bruno got to the door his mother asked “where are you going Bruno, you need to be packing.” Bruno replied “I was just going to go on one last adventure before we move.” His mother looked down at him with a smile and said, “Okay you can go, but don't be to long because you need to start packing. Bruno said, “ Yes mother.” Bruno was running all the way to go see Schmel as fast as he could. When Bruno finally got there he saw Schmel. Schmel said, “I didn't think that you were still going to come.” Bruno said, “Sorry I was talking with my mother.” After that Bruno and Schmel started to dig underneath the fence, so Bruno could crawl under it. When they got the whole big enough for Bruno to crawl over Bruno looked behind him and didn't care, then he crawled over the fence. Schmel was handing Bruno the extra Pajamas and Bruno was taking off his clothes so he could put the striped pajamas on. Bruno felt a little embarrassed if anyone was to see him in his under wear, so he hurried and put the pajamas on. When Bruno got them on they both ran into the camp where the rest of the people are. When they got over there, they went into the buildings where they all sleep to see if Schmels dad would be in there. Wants’ they got into where they all sleep man soldiers came in there and was having all the Jews line up in a line because they were going to the chamber. When they lined up Bruno and Schmel were scared and they grabbed each other’s hand. When it came Schmels turn to go in the chamber Bruno wouldn't let go of Schmels hand, and the soldier came up to Bruno and told him to let go and he refused to let go.  When the soldier looked at Bruno he knew that he looked familiar. So he called Bruno’s dad over to the chamber, and Bruno got caught. Bruno’s dad looked at him with disappointment, and asked him “what were you thinking?” Bruno said, “he is my friend and I'm never going to leave him alone again, I'm here to help him find his father.” Bruno’s dad said, “Why would you help him. You could get your self hurt.” Bruno didn't care, he started crying, His dad felt bad and knew that Bruno was hart broken. So he told the other soldiers not to put any more Jews in the chamber. And that they would just be punished a different way. When Bruno heard his father say that he was happy, and looked up at him and said “father can Schmel please go with us back to home?” Bruno’s father didn't want to make Bruno upset, and felt bad. So Bruno’s father told him “yes.” Bruno was so happy, and Schmel to. So they went back to the house and started packing. Bruno’s mother seen Schmel, and said “whose this?” Bruno said, “this is Schmel, and he is apart of out family.” Bruno’s mother was happy for Bruno.  When they were finished packing their thing's they moved back to the house that they used to live in. Schmel knew everything, but he loved his new life. Schmel hasn't had this kind of love, family, friends, or a nice house that he knows has. But as Bruno said “life is an adventure.” It's going to be the best life of an adventure for Schmel, with his new life


Double Take Final Project.  In my final project in my reading class of the book "Double Take" was to take a test with questions about things that went on in the story. In Rifle at the CMC College we went and seen the man Kevin Connolly in real life at a meeting. The book was about a man Named "Kevin Connolly" who born without any legs. It talks about how his life was growing up, and the sports he has played. he traveled around the world, and became a famous Photograpgher from taking pictures all over the world of people who look at him different. He skied and got got into the x- games here in Aspen, Colorado. The book was real inspiring for many people, including disabled people. This was a great book, and I could see myself reading it again.
Macbeth Final Project                                            
The book Macbeth is a play written by Shakespeare. The book is about a woman and man named Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth wants her husband Macbeth to kill the king named Duncan so he can become the king.  In this book it has to do with horror, drama, and much more. In my novel class we had an assignment to choose a theme out of the book “Macbeth” and give examples about the theme and then write a summary about it. The theme that I chose was “Fate.”             I chose this theme because when I read the book Macbeth this book in my opinion was based on fate. Everything that they did, thought of, or made orders about they brought fate upon them. I chose four different examples out of the book to describe how they brought fate to them.

1.     Act 2 Scene 2

Macbeth killed the king. Right after he killed the king the “Mother nature” started talking giving them a warning that fate is coming towards them s you can see below for a better example.

Macbeth: I have done the deed. Didst thou not hear a noise?

Lady Macbeth:  I heard the owl scream and the crickets cry. Did not you speak?

Macbeth: When?

Lady Macbeth: Now

Macbeth: As I descended

Lady Macbeth: Ay.

Macbeth: Who lies I ‘th ‘second chamber?

Lady Macbeth: Donalbrain

Macbeth: This is a sorry sight

Lady Macbeth: A foolish thought to say a sorry sight

Macbeth: Theres one did laugh in sleep, and cried murder!

2.     Act 3 Scene 4:  In this scene a couple of days after Macbeth killed Banquo he started going crazy, and paranoid. Everything that he does he gets visions in his head of Banquo, blood, the knife with blood on it, and much more. But he is the only one who sees these visions. Basically because of what he did he brought fate upon himself. So fate is giving him back a pay back.

3.     Act 4 Scene 1: In this scene Macbeth goes to the three witches to have his crazy visions taken away out of his head. When he went there were so many different witches there and they had a big pot of potion and added crazy things to it. After they were done they put in on a spoon and made him drink it. The next day all his vision vanished.  He no longer had to worry. I think faite was coming towards him by how he was having his visions washed away which means because he wouldn’t put up with his visions something more worse is coming his way.

4.     Act 3 Scene 1: In this scene Macbeth makes a plan to murder
MacDuff’s children so they can’t become king. He thinks that if he doesn’t have them killed then they will become king, but if he does have them killed then he can become king. Macbeth hired a group of murders to go to MacDuff’s wife’s village and have the children killed including the wife. Shortly after the murders killed the family Macduff and his men found out about it and made a plan to go kill Macbeth. Because of what Macbeth had planed he brought fate upon his self once again. A few days later Macbeth got his head cut off and Macduff became king.

By the four scenes that I chose out of the book Macbeth each theme has something to do with fate. Each theme that I gave an example about has everything to do with fate.

Final Project: ( What would you do if you were Niks father to help make him better.)

            If I were Nic’s father I would have some great ideas to help Nic overcome this hypersensitivity and his almost obsessive self-loathing.

            First I would make some phone calls to an adoption agency to see if Nic could stay in a Foster Home with other children. I think this would be a good idea to out him with a group of foster kids for a week because he could see how the really felt about not having their real parents there with them. Basically so he could see what it’s like in the foster kids point of view. Then maybe he would understand that what he has that he should be thankful.

            Second I would send him to a recommended Rehab as long as it took for him to start making progress. I think this would be a good idea because if he stayed with other people who are recovering from drugs, maybe he could he their story, and understand that doing drugs is bad. I also think it would do him well because he wouldn’t be around drugs, or on the streets. At least I would know that he was in a safe place, and getting better.

            Third if nothing were working for him there would be nothing else I could do to help him other than to put him in jail. I would half to put him jail because I couldn’t be worried all the time, losing focus of always worrying about Nic. Jail would be a horrible place but it’s good for him if he can’t straiten himself out. Hopefully if Nic stays in there for a while he would get better, but most of all that he wouldn’t get hurt. Then maybe Nic will understand and not want to be in a horrible place and get better and be released. If that could happen it would be great for everyone.

            All three of these ideas are a great place to put Nic into. These are the only things I could think of that could possibly help him get better, and get over his drug use. If none of these worked I don’t know what else to do for him.

The Glass Castle Journal Entries

By: Heather Hamlin

Journal #1  (4-7-11)

-       Reference pages 9- 14 (the part where Jeanette was in the hospital.) Think about the situation in the different perspectives.

-       1. Jeanette: How did she feel about the situation?

-       2. Mom & Dad

-       3. The Nurses

·      1. I think Jeanette was very mature about the whole situation when she was in the hospital. I think she felt that it was fun because she got to watch television and eat bubble gum.

·      2. I think the Mom and Dad felt that the hospital wasn’t doing any good for her, like it was point less for her to be there.

·      3. I think that the nurses felt that Jeanette had to stay in the hospital to recover, and that the parents were wrong and horrible people for how they acted, and how they took her out of the hospital with out permission.

Journal #2 (4-12-11)

-       Reading about how the Walls family did the “skedaddle” a lot, think about the following: What images do you see in your mind? What words describe how that life style makes you feel? Anxious Adventurous, Free, Unstable, explain.

·      I chose the word unstable because they shouldn’t have to run from their problem, especially because it shows a bad example for the children. That life style makes me feel lucky, because I don’t have a life style like that. Every day I have a house to back home to with food. Then I feel bad because those children have to live through that life style, they’re not going to have a normal life like other children, which is horrible.

Journal #3 (4-14-11)

       -            Analyze the following situations based on 2 different perspectives.

Situations: The Walls kids slept in Cardboard boxes, the Walls kids traveling in the back of a moving van, the piano in the yard. Perspectives: 1. The kids. 2.Your own. 1.The parents. 2.The cops. 1.The mom. 2. The neighbor.

1: I think the kids felt that it was an adventure, and they didn’t mind for what they had

2: I thought that this is horrible. How could the parents be so irresponsible?

1:I think the parents felt that what they had was better than nothing, and they didn’t care about anything.

2:I think the cops felt that these people were crazy and if they ever caught them they would be in so much trouble.

1:I think the mom felt that their life style was great, and it was a great family bond by being together all time.

2: I think that the neighbor felt that these are weird people, and how could they choose to live the way that they do.

Journal #4 (4-19-11)

- On page 58 the author describes what it meant to “fit in” with the kids in her neighborhood.” What did kids in your neighborhood /childhood/ school do to “fit in?”

·      My childhood growing up in my neighborhood in Rifle by KFC was fun, and easy. You never had to make your self fit it. Everyone got a long and would play together. There wasn’t any fighting unless you caused drama with some one.

Journal #4 (4-26-11)

-       How would you describe the author’s literacy style? Why did she choose this style to get across her purpose?

#5: (Figure of speech) She doesn’t really use metaphors, similes, or symbols but she does use figurative language when she describes what she’s talking about.

#6: (Use of Dialogue) When she talks about what happened she gives dialogue examples. It’s easy to understand.

#7: (Point of view) She’s talking in first point of view because she’s telling a story.

#8: (Character development) She just says their name and talks about them in part of the chapter.

I would describe the author’s literacy style by an interesting, and an adventurous style. She uses different types of elements. She’s descriptive with good flow when she’s telling a story. Her vocabulary is simple with a few vocabulary words. She uses a mixed dialogue. Her book is first person point of view because she’s telling a story. She talks about people in her story that come and go through out the book. Her tone is hopeful but in a childish way. She’s really creative when she describes her memories. There are chapters in the book but it doesn’t seem like there is because it doesn’t really say chapters like other books.  This was a great story and she used many different elements of literacy in her book.

Journal #5 (4-21-11)

-       The Walls family did the skedaddle from Battle Mountain to Phoenix. 1. What events lead up to that decision? 2. Which place is better?

*1. Bugs and insects started to take over the house, and things started to fall apart.

  2. I think Battle Mountain was better because the kids had a nice home with a bed, and more things that they haven’t had before. They were going to school and the mom was working.

Journal #6 (4-26-11)

-       For Jeanette’s 10th Birthday her dad gave her sobriety. He lasted a few months and then fell of the wagon. Why would he do that? Analyze Jeanette’s relationship with her dad, and the other kids.

·      I think her dad tried to stay sober, but when you have drank for a long time you need that because you start to feel sick. I think he could have stayed sober if he would have stayed away from people who have been drinking, and if he kept his mind off of it. Jeanette’s relationship with dad is great. She loves her dad. After all of the things that her dad has done to her she still loves him. The kid’s relationship with their dad isn’t great because they’re done with his crap, and they start to show it.

Journal # 7 (4-28-11)

-       What is the authors’ purpose for writing this book?

·      I think the author wrote this book to tell a story about her life growing to tell people that not everyone has the best or the same childhood. It’s more to keep people questioning of what happens next. Anyone can do what they want in life.

Journal # 8 (5-3-11)

-       What makes a parent a good parent? Give three examples.

·      1: Haves rules for their children, and punishes them when they get in trouble.

2: Has food on the table for them three times a day along with juice or water, gives them baths, and makes them brush their teeth.

3: Making them going to school, telling them you love them, giving them attention.

Journal # 9 (5-5-11)

-       Does this book follow a common literacy model?

·      I don’t think that this book follows a common literacy model because it jumps in and out of a topic. When she starts talking about a character she will talk about them in a couple of pages then when it gets on to the other ones it stops talking about them.

Journal # 10 (5-10-11)

-       Compare your mental images of the two main places the Walls family lived: Battle Mountain vs. Welch. 1. Which place do you like best? Why? 2. What’s the mood in each place? How much does the author portray that mood?

·      1: I think Battle Mountain was better because the kids had a nice home with a bed, and more things that they haven’t had before. They were going to school and the mom was working.

2: The mood in each place is the same every time. It’s the same by how sometimes the children are happy, sad, confused, and mad. The father is always drunk and sometimes mean, or sometimes nice. The mom is sometimes off in her own world, or sometimes giving her attention to her kids.

Journal #11 (5- 12-11)

-       What’s the Glass Castle? Why do you think the author used this title for her memoir?

* The glass Castle is what the dad told the kids he was going to build a castle out of glass. It was more of an imagination for him though. I think the author decided to put this as the title of her memoir because it’s a memory that she had of her dad telling her that they all hoped would happen. It also may be a memory that she had of her dad.

PWR 2: Communication



 I feel that Abortion is a horrible thing to even think about considering. I feel that because if people would take the time to think about it that baby would grow up and have a resemblance like your own childhood. I feel that if there were a law against Abortion and people had to have the children then the baby would be born. People would realize that their first choice to get rid of it would be a mistake. I honestly just feel that it’s sad and cruel.

                 I’m against it because if people put themselves in that position to where they know their taking a risk at becoming pregnant then they should already know that something like pregnancy is going to happen. If they have never wanted a baby in the first place then they shouldn’t have been in contact with sex. Think about it it’s your blood and it’s just like you. In my opinion I think people don’t even care and just get rid of it as if it were a bug, all you would have to do is just step on it and it’s gone. It makes me angry when I’m in the doctor’s office and you here girls make an appointment for abortion, seriously what’s up with that? There are so many choices in the world that you can choose other than abortion. For examples adoptions, or even family. Adoptions I think would be the best choice if a girl came to a point to where she didn’t want to have an abortion but couldn’t keep it. My opinion on that is because there are so many people in the world that want children but can’t have them so they choose adoption. The children go to a safe place and get taken care of with a family who can provide things for them. Another choice that I think could be wise is consider having a family member taking the baby for you. That way while the person is going through a difficult time a family member could take care of it so that way you could see your baby. Maybe later in the future you will change your mind and get your child back.

                  My opinion could be different from other peoples opinion by maybe a pregnancy wasn’t met to be. For an example something bad could have happened and a girl could have been raped, or many other horrible reasons like that. It would be a wise decision to have an abortion if things like that happened. I could understand who wouldn’t want to have a baby if it wasn’t planned, and it was a horrible way that it happened. I remember a while back I had seen a movie called “Precious” and it was about a girl whose father raped her twice and she had to baby’s by her own blood father. That was horrible because it’s her sibling and those babies could be born with many birth defects. Pretty much it wasn’t right at all. There are understandable reasons for abortion.

                  Basically there could good be both good, and bad decisions on Abortion. Some could be just not by using safe sex which I believe is a bad way to have abortion if that person became pregnant from that way, or another could be by being raped and getting pregnant so that would be a good time to get an abortion.


Compare and Contrast
           How would the world be if everyone were alone? If nobody ever fell in love, or found love? I believe that it would be lonely, and everybody would be heart broken because they never found love. I believe the main thing people think about everyday is love. My reason for this is because I know people that are in love that have a great relationship, and I also know people who aren’t in love, and lonely.
            To start my story off, have you ever known someone for a long time, and then once that person you knew found a boyfriend, or a girlfriend and totally changed? Well I have and that pretty much explains my story. I decided to write about this because I can relate to what I’m talking about. I remember a couple years ago how I wouldn’t go out with anybody because I was tiered of dating. I would always just hangout with my friends and you know your friends are the ones who know you the best, like everything about you. Well after a long time of only being with my friends, I met someone that I fell in love with, and all I ever wanted to do was spend all my time with him. I remember after being with my boyfriend for a long time I stopped talking to my friends and everyone else basically because I was in love and like I said when you’re in love you change. All my time was spent with my love, and my friends started changing, like get mad at me, so one day I went up to my friends and I asked “ What’s wrong, like why are you guys acting different?” They told me “ Ever since you met your boyfriend you changed, like a part of you that we have never seen, and now you just act different like your not you anymore.” Everything they said was true.                                                                                 
            Do you get an idea about what I’m talking about? See before I met my boyfriend I was a whole different person, and I never seen this side of me that I’m right now, including my friends. I’m still the same way now, and after making more friends I have seen it happen to them too. That’s all everyone talks about and wants. And once you find it you’re a totally different person. Sometimes change is good for everybody, and to tell you the truth I love the way I am right now.